2017 Disabilities Training Conference

Each year the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program holds a conference for child welfare attorneys, child welfare professionals, and judges who represent and work with dependent children with disabilities. This popular conference is known for its advanced material and workshops.  The Florida Guardian ad Litem Program invites you to join fellow child welfare professionals at the 2017 Disabilities Training Conference: Making the Impossible Possible to be held May 4-5, 2017 at the Rosen Centre in Orlando, Florida. The conference will:
  • Advance attorney advocacy and courtroom skills to ensure the best outcomes for dependent children with disabilities.
  • Promote understanding of the intricacies of government agency processes and how they must be coordinated to improve outcomes for dependent children with disabilities.
  • Impart advanced advocacy strategies for dependent children with disabilities.
  • Develop connections among participants and agencies to better determine appropriate resources for dependent children with disabilities.

To Register for the conference: click here.


Quick Test: What Kind of Advocate-Entrepreneur Are You?

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What kind of advocate-entrepreneur are you? Or are you maybe a combination of these?


A – Analytical-Entrepreneur: You perform deep analysis of any new client to determine profitability of that case before accepting the client. You are a pessimist in thinking that there will not be enough funds to care for the client.


B – Risk Taker-Entrepreneur: You accept cases where there are no immediately available funds to care for the client. Or where the major assets are a mess, there are title problems or are in unsellable condition. You are optimistic that there are benefits or assets that will be found to pay for the client’s care and needs.


C – Administrator-Entrepreneur: You have created and keep a current, detailed written Policy & Procedures for the whole system you have created.


D – Social Worker-Entrepreneur: You have brought a client to your home for a night during an emergency or for a holiday meal.

Why would you or your family member need an Advocate?


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Do you have trouble remembering everything your doctor says?

Do you have trouble speaking with your doctor or forget to ask questions during your appointment?

Do you understand how your multiple health insurances work?

Do you need help reviewing your insurance explanation of benefits?

Do you understand your health insurance policy?

Do you have trouble understanding some of the things your doctor says?

Do you understand your diagnosis?

We CAN help.

An Advocate supports you to speak up about what you want, working in partnership with you to ensure you can know your rights and can access the services you need. An Advocate will do only as much as you want them to do.