Elderly & Disabled Life Plan Assessment


Our comprehensive Elderly & Disabled Life Plan Assessment uses many factors and several key areas for a big-picture approach to ensure increased quality of life. By looking at these areas together, we can begin to determine the many options, resources, and solutions for a successful life plan.


Although we explore the many areas of your life plan separately, the outcome and recommendations we make combine all areas together to create a whole picture from the separate parts.



(Health, Life, Long-Term Care, Dental, Pharmacy & Disability Insurance, etc.) 


Let us analyze current benefits to ensure you are making the most of your coverage, and recommend additional coverage or programs you may qualify for to help obtain needed services.



(Visiting Family & Friends, Transportation, Caring for Self & Pets, etc.)


We believe social support is paramount to quality of life for all of us. We can review your support structures and resources, then offer suggestions to help preserve your independence.



(Doctor Appointments, Hospital Visits, Medications, Medical Equipment, etc.)


Today’s medical care can quickly become challenging and concerning especially among our elderly and disabled community. By exploring these concerns, we can look for opportunities to create a plan that works for you.


Personal & Important Documents

(Living Will, Health Care Surrogate, Do Not Resuscitate, etc.)


Do you have your personal documents in order to ensure your wishes are known should the need arise? During an Assessment, we will assist you in recognizing potential gaps and refer you to appropriate legal counsel.


Bill Pay & Budgeting

(Household Bills, Medical Expenses, Funeral Costs, etc.)


How are you or your loved one’s finances holding up? We review existing care needs, look for opportunities to decrease expenses, increase resources and make recommendations to ensure your budget can support your changing care needs.



(Real Estate and Land, Automobile, Valuables, etc.)


How does your property impact your life and future care needs? We can help explore how your real and personal property can work for you, not against you.


Legal, financial, tax, and other components of a person’s life are varied and complicated. Without the counsel of licensed, experienced professionals items such as Medicaid planning, VA Aid & Attendance, tax ramifications of liquidating assets, the implications of converting jointly-owned property, the effect on estate planning or inheritance, and other issues can have undesirable consequences.


Because of these issues, a team of professionals is required, including attorneys, certified public accountants, investment advisors, and others, to help assess and execute all of the many components involved. A Life Plan Assessor is one important partner in this team of professionals.